The easy way to your own coffee brand…

  • Your brand is your unique selling proposition!
  • Get independent from the brand and price politics of others!
  • Your own brand on a silver bag with a one colour printing (no sticker)
  • Minimum orderquantity 1 palette (450kg)
  • 4 colour printed bags – please ask for individual offer and volume requirements.
  • 1kg, 500gr, 250gr valve bags, Nespresso System capsules, ESE Standard paper pods, aluminium tins.

We produce with state of the art equipment of the newest generation by “Brambati”, with a single batch load of 300 kg. On this specific roaster the firing cylinder has been increased to allow for optimum circulation of the air flow.

The coffee roasting takes place on an air flow bed with the burning central axially offset to the cylinder. In this high standard processing facility, all blends are roasted with absolutely individual modalities. The peculiarity of each origin involves specific roasting curves. Each mono origin is singularly tested before the blending phase and roasted with a test roaster to verify its organoleptic aspects and batch specific organic properties and peculiarities.

After the roasting phase the product is submitted to specific maturation process which depends on both the seasonality and the type of roasting. Then it is standardly packed in deaerated conditions with the application of an unidirectional valve ensuring a correct preservation of the product for transportation and storage.

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Private Label Coffee